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Including more movement in your work day increases energy levels, productivity, positive attitude

Why You Should Consider Getting an Adjustable Standing Desk or Sit Stand Desk Converter?

When you spend your work day in sitting in front of a computer, whether in a home office, business office or cubicle – movement matters! And the research is backing us up. People who include more movement in their daily life report higher energy levels, increased productivity, and a better mood. Most importantly, the science is beginning to prove that avoiding a sedentary lifestyle can help reduce the risk of many common diseases. If you’re already sold on the benefits of standing and the risks of being sedentary for long periods of time, you may be searching for an adjustable sit to stand desk, or standing desk converter. 

Six Criteria for Evaluating Standing Desk Solutions.

Ergonomics – is the most important criteria. If your monitors, mouse, and keyboard aren’t in the correct position, you can end up with back, neck, or wrist pain. Although the objectives of all the standing desk and desk converters are the same, there are a lot of variations in design, keyboard tray size, usable workspace, and comfort.

Range of Adjustment – is very important. because if you can’t easily change the height of your desk, you may not use it, or may sit much longer than you should, without getting the benefits of moving from sit to stand position. Transitioning from sitting to standing should be easy and repeatable to find your desired height.

User Reviews – help understand different ownership experiences of each standing desk and desk converter. As with most reviews, there are many positive and negative opinions about these products. Reviews can also expose quality issues that only someone using the desk for an extended period of time would observe.

Quality – relates to the materials and the construction of the product. While first impressions of a brand new desk are often good, but use over time may expose quality issues.

Design – can be very subjective, but some manufacturers have taken steps to improve appearance. Many products offer excellent functionality, but sacrifice design. Many standing desks and sit stand converters are very mechanical looking products function well, but don’t look sleek or stylish on your desk. However, there are some products with innovative designs that look fantastic but don’t compromise function.

Customer Service – is always important if you have issues with delivery, repairs, assembly, or returns. Many sit stand desk converters can be shipped to you by UPS or FedEx, and are fairly easy to install. Other products are heavy and may require additional installation of dual monitor stands and other accessories. Electric, adjustable standing desks generally require professional installation.

Adjustable Standing Desk and Sit Stand Desk Converter Options

These products allow you to switch from sitting to standing throughout the day. As sitting all day can cause pain and other health risks, standing for long periods isn’t ideal either. It is best to alternate between sitting and standing throughout your day. One of the main things to consider is how easy it is to adjust the height of the desk. Height adjustment of sit to stand desks can be done manually or with electric motors that control how high the desk is raised or lowered.

Manual Standing Desk Converters
Standing desk converters are the least expensive options and typically have a lever on each side that allows you to manually adjust the height from a low sitting position to a variety of standing positions. There are also products that clamp to the front or back of your existing desk. Examples of these products include the Ergotron Workfit T, TL, TX and SR.

Electric Adjustable Standing Desks
If you’re working in a quiet office, you’re going to want to look for a quieter desk. Measured in decibels, the range is generally between 40-70 decibels. These products have electrically controlled legs and are typically used for cubicle retrofitting. This process involves removing the existing table legs and installing the electric legs, controller and associated electronics. These desks can have two or three legs and can support up to 300 pounds. The height range is generally from 21-56 inches. Products like the Workrite Sierra HX Adjustable Sit Stand Desk provide this functionality with both two and three leg options.

Desk Top Size
For most standing desk users, the size of the desk top is an important consideration. If you have large monitors, a phone and need additional workspace, make sure the size of your desk can accommodate everything you need. You’ll also need to consider the amount of room you have in your office for your desk. Companies like Ergotron offer a range of sit stand desk sizes including, the WorkFit Z Mini, the WorkFit TS Compact Desk Converter, WorkFit TL with Large Work Area, and WorkFit-S Dual Monitor Workstation.

Properly Sized and Fitted Chair
In addition to choosing the correct standing desk for your office, also ensure that you have an adjustabe ergonomic chair.  High quality chairs, like the NeutralPosture 8000 series, feature a variety of height, tilt and lumbar adjustments. Correct sitting posture is as important as alternating sitting and standing, as well as taking breaks and stretching.

There are several warranties offered by different standing desk companies. The minimum is 2 years, and some companies offer a lifetime warranty on the base or the frame, and a limited time warranty on the tabletop or the motor.

Shipping, Assembly and Installation
Some standing desk converters are pre-made and ship within a few days, while custom made adjustable standing desks may take several weeks to be delivered. Shipping generally costs $100-$150 depending on the product. Some companies, for an additional charge, will install your desk in the exact location you choose.

Significant research has been performed to determine the pros and cons of adjustable standing desks.

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