About CSG Supplies

Our Goal Is To Help You Be More Productive And Comfortable At Work!

About CSG Supplies

We at CSG Supplies, Griggs Ergonomic Supplies LLC strive to make you more comfortable at work. The field of ergonomics explores better ways to help you make it thru your day without pain. Think of the constant movements you do every day repeatedly. Over time these cause repetitive stress injuries. Injuries so slight you do not realize in the moment, but over a 40 to 60 hour work week they accumulate. We as human beings were meant to move! The movement of sitting to standing gives the body and mind blood to endure and create.

“Ergonomic” has become the shorthand for devices which help computer users avoid or alleviate pain. When people ask, “Is it ergonomic?”, what they’re really asking is will it make me more comfortable, will it help me avoid the aches and pains associated with the modern workplace.


Better Focus

Increased Productivity

Health Benefits

Success for us is providing solutions which enhance productivity by reducing pain and fatigue. Solutions include providing products which fit the individual and explaining the ergonomic principles behind those products.

Repetitive stress, back and neck pain are caused by overuse of a muscle or muscle groups. Even though we consider sitting as being at rest, we are using groups of muscles to maintain the position. Changing your sitting position, standing frequently and taking short stretch breaks helps to reduce fatigue, increase alertness and decrease error rates.

We help you determine the right solutions by providing evaluation and demo products to use at your desk. We work with our customers in their personal office space. Based on our workspace assessment, we determine what products best fit your needs. We demonstrate how the product facilitates good ergonomics. When you buy from CSG you get the right product, expert installation and support.

Bill Griggs
Chief Operations Officer
Griggs Ergonomic Supplies LLC

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